Hello, I'm Hennie, a Canadian Physiotherapist & Women's Health Coach!

I'm on a mission to support & educate women on Pelvic Health, Persistent Pain through self management & active lifestyle!

I create mini-courses, e-books, and offer group and 1:1 coaching programs, Move & Flourish to Resilience Coaching, to support your health & wellness journey!

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  • Client M

    "I saw Hennie for low back pain and incontinence when sneezing and exercising. These problems affected my quality of life. After Hennie's treatment, which incorporated pelvic muscles and core exercises, as well as valuable self-care advice, my condition improved significantly. I can now tolerate more physical activities with less back pain. Incontinence comes less frequently and less severe.

    I would highly recommend Hennie to anyone with issues similar to mine! Thank you for your help!"

  • Client S

    "Hennie's special breast cancer physio rehab has helped reduce my pain and discomfort at the surgery site. Hennie has rovided me with special physio treatment and exercises, which have restored my range of movement in the affected shoulder and arm! I feel well supported by Hennie and the staff at the clinic. I was able to express my feelings openly and get emotional support in addition to physical healing and post-surgery recovery.

    I am recovering faster than expected! Thank you, Hennie!"

  • Client YC

    "Hennie is a highly responsible and motivated person! She has a strong passion for women's pelvic health. During my last pregnancy, she offered me lots of tips and exercises to prepare me for labour and birth. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for physiotherapy specifically for women's health. She is very knowledgeable in this subject area!"

  • Client ML

    "As a mom with young kids, Hennie's virtual service is a godsend not having to worry about childcare and getting out of the home. Hennie understands what it's like being a mother facing the struggles of balancing work and family. The exercises she assigned were easy to follow with video demonstration and fit into chaotic life at home, which is most crucial to an effective outcome of physiotherapy. I highly recommend her service."

  • Client A

    “I was rear-ended twice a year.  After extensive therapy, I was still having the worse migraines, along with extreme neck and back pain.  Nobody was able to help me until I met Hennie, and she has changed my life!  I truly thought I was going to live with this pain forever until starting therapy with Hennie.  She has been helping me heal, and I have been experiencing positive changes for the first time since my accidents.  I can't thank this woman enough!”

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